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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Tour


Pezze di Greco (15 km from Ostuni)






ENG, IT, PL (on request)

Experience how extra virgin olive oil, known as „apulian gold”, is grown and produced. Visit the old Masseria with an ancient mill and press, set on 50 hectares of olive groves. Find out how cultivation of olives has changed over the centuries, what olive oil was used for decades ago, what biological cultivation really means and what we can produce from the  „wastes” of oil. During this tour you will learn what the acidity of olive oil means, how many liters of olive oil are produced from 100 kg of olives, how green olives differ from black olives, which olives are used to obtain the best oil and, above all, how to distinguish a good quality olive oil from a low one. An incredibly interesting and fascinating trip, with a lot of practical knowledge that will be useful for anyone who consumes olive oil on daily bases.

Additional Information:

  • Transport: is not included
  • On request: we can provide this tour on different days & hours
  • Suitable for: everyone intrested in nature, cooking or well being. Apropriate for kids.

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