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Guided Tours to Lecce or Matera


Lecce, Matera




min. 2




The beating heart of Salento, Lecce enchants visitors with its stunning Baroque historic center.

Lecce has an unmistakable style, with monuments dating back to Roman times and, most notably, its extraordinary 17th-century buildings that proudly bare the characteristic blonde color of the local stone. The atmosphere is vibrant and bustling.

Tips: while being there, don’t miss the pasticciotto leccese, the delicious dessert typical of Salento cuisine made of short crust pastry and custard.



Huge labyrinths of houses carved out of the tufa rock, narrow alleys, starways, esplanades that hold constant (and beautiful) surprises. Visiting the Sassi di Matera is like taking a trip into the past, where everything has remained almost the same.

The Sassi di Matera are ancient rocky environments dug into the rock above the Gravina, inhabited since prehistoric times. They symbolize the town’s rural and agricultural origins and today, they are one of the most incredible testimonies to the world.

Additional Information:

  • Transport: not included
  • On request: different days & hours are available
  • Suitable for: art lovers, history buffs, anyone who wants to discover our territory

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