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Home SPA and Massage Treatments directly in your Villa, available on request


Anywhere in Puglia


50 - 100 min





The relaxing massage is performed with slow and deep movements. Thanks to a medium intensity pressure and some specific techniques it promotes deep relaxation. The use of natural oils has a relaxing effect. The massage technique, fluid and harmonious, loosens and relaxes the muscles, revitalizes the body.

Main Benefits:

  • Rebalances body and soul
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Helps to soothe the sense of fatigue

Available Massages:

  • Relaxing massage 50 min or 90 min
  • Decontracting massage 50 min or 90 min
  • Couple’s massage 100 min
  • Pregnant massage 50 min
  • Ayurvedic massage 90 min
  • Lymphatic drainage massage 50 min or 90 min
  • Californian massage 90 min
  • Swedish massage 50 min or 90 min
  • Sports massage 50 min
  • Deep tissue massage 50 min
  • Body scrub and steam bath 50 min or 90 min

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