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Private Personal Trainer in Villa, upon request


Anywhere in Puglia


60 - 90 min





When going on vacation, you do not have to give up your daily rituals and your training routine. You can take advantage of a private session with a personal trainer who will take care of your physical condition, right here in Puglia, directly at your villa or hotel, upon private request. There are numerous options to choose from, weight and strength training, functional or endurance training.

Our personal trainers equipped with all the necessary equipment offer:

  • functional training (also called functional training)
  • cross training, weightlifting, gag (legs-abdominal-buttocks)
  • Trx, kettlebell training, ergonomic gymnastics
  • functional mobility, stretching, physical activity for active aging, my training. fascial, motor re-education, functional re-athletization, self-defense

Equipment supplied by our personal: Kettlebells, dumbbells, trx, barbells with discs, bosu, proprioceptive platform, fitbar, slamball, parallels, bulgarian bag, swissball, ropes, rubber bands, loopband, mats, plyo box, buddy system.

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