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Seafood Pasta Cooking Class with a Visit to the Fish & Seafood Shop (in a rustic Masseria at Polignano a Mare)


Polignano a Mare (Countryside)






ENG, IT, PL (on request)

Together with our fantastic chef Domenico Bianco from PugliaKitchen project, we have created a series of cooking classes dedicated to the real Apulian cuisine. Our cooking classes aim to immerse our guests in an authentic and traditional food experience, not only through the teaching of local handmade pasta dishes, but a full experience including tastings throughout, such as cheeses, wines paired to the particular pasta dishes in preparation and freshly baked delicacies.
To make our cooking class even more complete, we decided to start it at Pescheria which is a local Fish&Seafood shop, where, together with the chef, you will learn about local fish and seafood, how to choose the right products and how to know if a given product is fresh. 

The space in which the cooking class will take place will be prepared in advance, each guest with their own kneading board, aprons and bowl of flour.

After a welcome, we will start with the Chef demonstration and an introduction into the culinary history of the area, of the pastas being prepared and the selection of flours to hand.

Throughout the class, we will go on to learn how to create  typical Apulian pasta by hand, which by the end of the class will be enjoyed the pasta made, all together at the table. These dishe will be served with the sauce prepared by hand, made with the ingredients bought at the local market before the cooking class.

Menù of the cooking class


  • Taralli & Olives


  • Focaccia Barese
  • Octopus salad

Pasta Tasting:

  • Handmade Cavatelli or Capunti with mussels and crunchy pork cheek or
  • Handmade Cavatelli or Capunti with mussels and cherry tomatoes

Side Dish:

  • Fresh vegetables in pinzimonio


  • Ricotta and chocolate roll

Wines Tasting:

  • Rosedonè Sparkling rosè wine, from Negroamaro grapes, Cantine Tauro Verdeca, White wine from Verdeca grapes, Cantine Carone

Note: All the cheese are product in our family farm Masseria Bianco

Detailed description:

To begin the class, we begin by mastering the creation of the pasta dough, measuring and kneading the ingredients together to create the perfect consistency for our pasta for approximately 30 minutes.

While keeping a watchful eye over the guests and their doughs, the Chef will begin to prepare the creation of a typical focaccia barese or any other baked delicacies as starter of the menù, filling the air with the beautiful freshly baked aroma. All the other starter in the menù, following the time of preparation, will be prepared at this time.

The guests will have the opportunity to also watch this demonstration and join in as a team, just as a typical Apulian family would with different roles, to measure the ingredients, prepare the yeast and knead the focaccia.

Once the focaccia is prepared, we will leave to rest and rise for 60-90 minutes.

In the meantime, we turn our attention back to our pasta!

We begin to learn the manual technique of the pasta, like cavatelli, capunti or the  orecchiette , this last one not an easy pasta to create and because considered the queen of the Apulian pastas one of the most common and well-loved pastas.

We will dedicate 45-60 minutes to perfecting our pasta and dedicating time and guidance to each guest. The pasta is then laid out to dry on a traditional pasta rack and we turn our attention to our second pasta!  

During this time, our focaccia will be ready for the topping and oven!

While the focaccia is in the oven, it’s time to create the sauce for the pasta dish to taste and complete the other starter on the menu, under the guidance of the chef.

To really delve into the world of Puglia and its food, we share history, traditions, techniques and stories, even from our own families, from grandparents who taught us everything we know. We get to know each other and enjoy the simple pleasures of creating food together, as per the Apulian tradition.

The focaccia is now ready and served hot! With the other starter in the menù and paired with first wine as Aperitivo.

The table is set and the Chef is ready to serve the pasta tasting dish, accompanied with a second wine. 

To complete, a small dessert or some freshly cut seasonal fruit will be served.

Additional Information:

  • Transport: is not included
  • On request: we can provide this tour on diffrents days & hours
  • Suitable for: everyone passionate about italian cuisine, seafood lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

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