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Sunset Horse Back Riding on the Beach & through Olive Groves


Coastal dunes natural park (16km from Ostuni)






ENG, IT, PL (on request)

Imagine a warm summer day, a beautiful sunset, a wild sandy beach, azure water reaching the horizon and you, sitting on a horse, crossing this wilderness. Sounds like a dream? Probably, but this is just one of our wonderful tours that we carefully selected and prepared for you. If you have never ridden horses and you have no experience in this matter, don’t worry. This tour is intended for complete beginners. The horses are well trained and experienced so you don’t have to worry about your safety at all. Just sign up and indulge yourself in this adventure. During the 1.5 hour trip, you will ride through beautiful olive groves, reach the coast to walk on the beach and enter the sea with your horse (horses love it, especially on hot summer days). We love this trip for combining the love for animals with the love for nature. We are convinced that it will be one of the most beautiful memories of your vacation. #checkedinfo

Additional Information:

  • Transport- not included
  • On request: different days & hours are available
  • Suitable for: kids above 14 y.o., sport & adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers

Guidelines for proper participation in the excursion:

  • It is recommended to wear long trousers and closed toes shoes.
  • The mask can be removed once the excursion has started.
  • During the ride it is not possible to bring with you:
  • Backpacks or bags or other bulky items that may prevent the horse from properly mounting or affect his attention. They can be left in your car or in the stable (they will be recovered upon return). The only exception to this rule is intended for people who need to use drugs who can therefore carry a small pouch to tie around their waist (no bags, backpacks or similar).
  • Mobile phones or personal cameras that will be left in your car or in the stable (they will be recovered upon return). Photos and videos are taken by the operators who will share them with the guests, right after the ride.
Thanks for your kind cooperation

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